Wednesday Writing Prompt: The Dog

Last week, we had a bit of a technical glitch, but we’re back this week with the beloved Wednesday Writing Prompt!

Today’s guest post is by my girls’ dear friend Laurel, and it’s a good one!

Finally finished with her chores, Daisy ran outside, sat on the swing, and began to pump.

Jessa, Daisy’s little sister, had a dog named Meg, and they were both already outside playing fetch.

Jessa came over and got onto the swing next to her sister.

Panting, Meg watched them swing back and forth.  Suddenly, her ears pricked up. Meg could hear crunching leaves, so she wagged her tail and started to bark.

Oh! So much potential for adventure in this prompt. I look forward to reading the answers.

Many thanks to Laurel. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing Prompt: The Dog”

  1. “What is it, girl?” Daisy asked. The dog ran around the swing set in circles, barking louder and louder. She seemed excited, but a bit fearful. It was always hard to tell with dogs.
    Jessa gave her swing one, last powerful rock and then flew off the seat and landed on the grass, green streaks spreading across her elbows and knees. She giggled and ran over to Meg, ruffling her belly.
    “You silly little doggy!” she said, laughing hysterically.
    The dog shook her head vigorously and started running in a certain direction. Daisy got off her swing and followed Jessa and Meg into their backyard woods. They ran on the outside of the house and into the woods, complete with a creek and bridge over it.
    “Where are you going?” asked Daisy as she saw Meg and her owner run strait through a large patch of poison ivy. Daisy smacked her hand against her head, but said nothing. The deed was done.
    Meg did not answer – and if she had spoken English, she probably wouldn’t have anyway. She just continued to bark and prompted the girls to keep following her.
    Daisy was a faster runner than Jessa, and she could run around the edge of the poison ivy without falling behind. She met up with Jessa soon, right when Meg stopped in front of a large sycamore tree with branches sticking out at all angles, but far too high for any of them to reach.
    “What is it, girl?” Daisy asked again.
    Meg started barking at the tree, scratching the bottom of it with her semi-blunt claws. She roared at the leafy branches in the top of the tree, when finally Daisy saw what the matter was. It was just a squirrel. Ugh.
    “Nevermind that,” Daisy said, a little irritated. She had have to scrub Jessa’s legs down, and if she didn’t, the girl would be scratching her legs until they bled. She really didn’t cry much, but she sure did whine. “Come on. Let’s get back to the house and clean up.”
    Meg ignored her and continued to bark at the squirrel while Jessa pleaded her case. “I don’t wanna go inside!” she cried. “I wanna keep swinging.”
    “Well you’re not going to until you get your legs scrubbed,” Daisy said, trying not to whine herself and roll her eyes to heaven. “You’ll get a itchy.”
    “I wanna play-ay!” Jessa shrieked, her volume increasing.
    “Shut up!” Daisy said, her patience finally spent. “You’ll get your legs scrubbed, is that clear?”
    But Jessa was not so easily defeated. She started to run from Daisy, but her older sister was much faster than her and caught her easily.
    “Stop it!” Daisy shouted at her again. Then she heard Meg’s barking increase, and ran back to see the dog, still looking at the black squirrel. But now she saw that the squirrel’s eyes were red and glowing. They got brighter and brighter until something emerged from them. A… laser beam?!
    “What is that?!” asked Daisy incredulously right before a blast of red energy emerged from the black squirrel and hit the ground a few inches from Meg’s paw. The dog whimpered and backed away, staring at the smoking patch of ground. But the squirrel started firing at them again.
    “Run!” Daisy said. She tried to be an optimistic person whenever she could. Look on the bright side, she said to herself. At least that brat’s going inside now.

  2. Daisy jumped off the swing and looked around Meg to see anything wrong. Jessa dragged her feet on the grass to slow down the swing, then she got off.
    “Why is she barking?”Jessa asked.
    “Dogs bark for many reasons.”Daisy said.
    The crunching leaves, which sounded very close, the wagging tail that could push Jessa off her feet, and the sharp barking continued. Jessa plugged her ears while Daisy got back on the swing.
    “Meg, What’s wrong?!”Jessa asked.
    Daisy bent down to Meg’s head leavel and whispered in Meg’s ear, but nothing changed. Mark, their brother, appeared from behind the shed and sprayed them with cold water from a squirt gun. Daisy and Jessa screamed running all over the yard. Daisy and Jessa took cover inside the house. Meg was barking continuously and jumping on her back paws at Mark. Mark ran in the house once he could get around Meg. he was followed by Meg, who ran to her food container, being very hungry. Jessa was hiding behind a chair. She thought she was safe because she was inside, but Mark found her and sprayed water at her. If Mark missed, there would be a puddle on the ground and his mom would find out, but he did not miss.

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