Wednesday Writing Prompt: Who’s There?

Today we have a guest post by Cathy. We all know she’s creative and comes up with great stories, so I am excited to share with you all her latest prompt.

He paused, rubbing icy hands together to get the blood flow going again. Had someone just run down the alley, or was he seeing things again?

Frowning, he squinted at his watch, dimly lit by the distant streetlamp. Molly would be finishing the supper dishes about now, and then settling in to read a story to the twins. The thought of home filled him with warmth, but then he shook his head as if to clear it. 

“No,” he muttered. “This ends tonight.” 

Taking a deep breath, he started down the alleyway. 

Oh, I want to know what happens next. Enjoy writing, and post your answers below.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing Prompt: Who’s There?”

  1. He started running, thinking he would never find the mystery person if he walked. Then He thought in another way. What if it is just an alley cat? Too boring.
    He came to a fork in the road. On the left side he saw a paper and picked it up.
    Do not follow me.
    What does S. A.4 mean? He stood a while, looking down at the paper.
    “That’s it!” he shouted, then, in a whisper, “S. A. 4 means Spy Agent 4!”
    Forgetting the paper and its warning, he sprinted to where he had always suspected the Spy Base was.
    He went into the wood, but stopped when he saw another piece of paper.
    Do not ignore this: Do not follow me. Do not tell anyone where our base is, even though you know.
    S.A. 4
    “I need to see this place. I will follow you.” He mumbled.
    He walked, too tired to run, but stopped again, finding another paper.
    Jack brown! Do not go another step!
    S.A. 4
    Jack was surprised they knew his name, but of course, they were spies. He chose to ignore them again. Jack slowly stepped forward.
    A spy jumped out from behind the bushes, grabbed Jack, and put him on a motorcycle. Jack was so excited to be on a motorcycle, even if a spy was mad at him. The spy, probably Agent 4, Opened the door of Jack’s house, set him down, jumped back on his motorcycle, and zoomed away.

  2. Joseph walked down the alley, walking faster and faster as he went. He looked up at the clouds overhead. They were dark, almost black. This is not good, he thought. It got darker as the clouds collected over head, then fat drops of rain started to fall. A few plopped down on Joseph’s shoulders, as freezing cold as they could be without being solid ice. Joseph looked at the brick walls of the two buildings to his left and right. He could barely see them. It was getting dark.
    Joseph pulled his overcoat tighter around him, trodding along in the rain. He could hardly see his hand if he put it in front of his face, but the alley was small enough that his shoulders grazed the sides. He walked until he came to a back road in the city, where there were a few lights, but only enough to make out faint shapes. Usually cities are a lot brighter, with light pollution and all, Joseph thought. You would be able to see anything with the lights that isn’t past the last light. Anything farther than that would be invisible.
    Joseph’s head whipped around as he heard something to his right. There was nothing there, not even a street lamp or a light on inside a building, but he was sure that he had heard something.
    Tentatively, he stepped towards the sound. This was for Molly. This was for the twins. He couldn’t let anything else happen to them. His eyes slid over the place where the noise had arose, then away. He kept going.
    As he crossed the street and walked into the next alleyway, there was a man blocking his way. His eyes went wide with terror as he looked at the hulking man. He had shaded glasses and thickly-muscled arms. This was not a guy to mess with.
    “Who are–” he started, but he never finished the sentence. And intense pain formed on his forehead, and his knees buckled, sending him crashing to the ground. Everything was black. He listened to the rain hitting the ground. Then it faded as the world went dark.

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