Wednesday Writing Prompt: Rhyme!

Today, let’s play!

Here’s the beginning of a famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe, “Annabel Lee”.

It was many and many a year ago

In a kingdom by the sea…

Now you must finish it on your own and see if we like your version better than the original.




8 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing Prompt: Rhyme!”

  1. It was many and many a year ago,
    In a kingdom by the sea…
    The ocean had dried ’till it was dust,
    The city lacked a single tree.

    The land was dry and ashen,
    Its color a sickly gray,
    The buildings of the great kingdom
    Were fading as they lay.

    The houses were just rubble,
    And the cottages of dust.
    The tools and weapons of the folk
    Were enveloped in rust.

    The people had been gone for years,
    And left their homes forlorn.
    Not a soul was left to see
    The thriving bramble and thorn.

    The remains were covered with decay,
    and everything was dead.
    The city had no life in it;
    Its fading breath like lead.

    The many citizens were gone;
    Of emptiness the city was born.
    And now none of it remains
    For you and I to mourn.

    1. Oliver, this is amazing. You must have put so much time into this. Great job.

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